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Humana January 2018 Pharmacy Policy Updates

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January 2018 Pharmacy Policy Updates

Policy Name Reviewed Date
ADHD Long Acting Stimulants 1/17/2018
Aggrenox® (aspirin/dipyridamole) 1/17/2018
Alecensa® (alectinib) 1/17/2018
Allergy Ophthalmics 1/17/2018
Aloxi® (palonosetron) 1/17/2018
Alphagan® P (brimonidine) 1/17/2018
AmBisome® (amphotericin B liposome) 1/17/2018
Aranesp® (darbepoetin alfa) 1/17/2018
Asthma Interleukin Inhibitors (Cinqair, Nucala, Fasenra) 1/17/2018
AzaSite® (azithromycin ophthalmic solution) 1/17/2018
Betaseron® [interferon beta-1b] 1/17/2018
Bowel Prep Agents 1/17/2018
Bowel Prep Agents 1/17/2018
Buprenorphine Containing Products 1/17/2018
Calquence® (acalabrutinib) 1/17/2018
Caprelsa® (vandetanib) 1/17/2018
Cervarix® (human papillomavirus bivalent vaccine) 1/17/2018
Cinvanti (aprepitant) 1/17/2018
Cometriq® (cabozantinib) 1/17/2018
Corticosteroid and Long Acting Beta Agonist Combination Inhalers 1/17/2018
Cosentyx® (secukinumab) 1/17/2018
Cosopt® (dorzolamide and timolol ophthalmic solution) 1/17/2018
Cresemba® (isavuconazonium sulfate) 1/17/2018
Dextroamphetamine/amphetamine extended release 1/17/2018
Dificid® (fidaxomicin) 1/17/2018
Dysport® (Botulinum Toxin) 1/17/2018
Eligard® (leuprolide acetate) 1/17/2018
Firmagon® (degarelix) 1/17/2018
Gardasil® (human papillomavirus vaccine) 1/17/2018
Gilenya® (fingolimod) 1/17/2018
Influenza Virus Vaccine 1/17/2018
Intranasal Rhinitis Agents 1/17/2018
Intuniv® (guanfacine extended-release tablets) 1/17/2018
Kapvay® (extended-release clonidine) 1/17/2018
Lemtrada® (alemtuzumab) 1/17/2018
Leuprolide acetate 1/17/2018
Lidoderm® (lidocaine 5% patch) 1/17/2018
Lonsurf® (trifluridine and tipiracil) 1/17/2018
Lupron® (leuprolide acetate) 1/17/2018
Mirvaso® (brimonidine topical gel) 1/17/2018
Myobloc® (Botulinum Toxin) 1/17/2018
Non-Sedating Antihistamines 1/17/2018
Noxafil® (posaconazole) 1/17/2018
Nulojix® (belatacept) 1/17/2018
Onivyde ® (liposomal irinotecan) 1/17/2018
Ophthalmic Antibiotics 1/17/2018
Ophthalmic Beta Blockers 1/17/2018
Ophthalmic Steroids 1/17/2018
Ophthalmic Steroids 1/17/2018
Portrazza™ (necitumumab) 1/17/2018
Portrazza™ (necitumumab) 1/17/2018
Qualaquin® (quinine sulfate) 1/17/2018
Quillivant XR® (methylphenidate hydrochloride) 1/17/2018
Radicava™ (edaravone) 1/17/2018
Ravicti® (glycerol phenylbutyrate) 1/17/2018
Rebif® (interferon beta-1a) 1/17/2018
Rhofade™ (oxymetazoline) cream 1/17/2018
Shingrix (zoster vaccine recombinant, adjuvanted) 1/17/2018
Sirturo® (bedaquiline) 1/17/2018
Sitavig® (acyclovir) 1/17/2018
Solaraze® (diclofenac) 1/17/2018
Soriatane® (acitretin) 1/17/2018
Strattera® (atomoxetine) 1/17/2018
Sublingual Allergen Extract 1/17/2018
Synagis® (palivizumab) 1/17/2018
Topical Metronidazole 1/17/2018
Topical Onychomycotic Agents (Jublia® and Kerydin®) 1/17/2018
Trelstar® (triptorelin pamoate) 1/17/2018
Triptans 1/17/2018
VFEND® (voriconazole) 1/17/2018
Vancomycin Oral Compound Solution 1/17/2018
Vectibix® (panitumumab) 1/17/2018
Vimizim® (elosulfase alfa) 1/17/2018
Viscosupplements (Durolane®, Euflexxa®, Gel-One®, Gelsyn-3™, GenVisc® 850, Hyalgan®, Hymovis®, Supartz™, Supartz FX™, Synvisc®, Synvisc-One®, Visco-3™) 1/17/2018
Votrient® (pazopanib) 1/17/2018
Vraylar™ (cariprazine) 1/17/2018
Vyvanse® (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate) 1/17/2018
Xeljanz® and Xeljanz XR® (tofacitinib) 1/17/2018
Xeomin® (Botulinum Toxin) 1/17/2018
Xuriden™ (uridine triacetate) 1/17/2018
Zaltrap® (ziv-aflibercept) 1/17/2018
Zinplava™ (bezlotoxumab) 1/17/2018
Zoladex® (goserelin) 1/17/2018
Zostavax® (zoster vaccine live) 1/17/2018
Zuplenz® (ondansetron oral soluble film) 1/17/2018
Prandial and Intermediate Acting Insulins 1/11/2018
Qtern® (dapagliflozin and saxagliptin) 1/4/2018


Click here to view the Humana Pharmacy Policy Updates »


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