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Policy Alerts features

Save hours each month with always up-to-date coverage reports.

Policy monitoring

Monitoring more than 100,000 insurance coverage documents daily for changes that could impact patients, customers or reimbursement efforts.
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Instant alerts

Proprietary software sends alerts to your inbox when changes are detected. Stay current on the latest updates without even opening your browser.
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Coverage reports

All relevant active, draft, and pending medical policies are displayed on the Dashboard. Review coverage statements or access each policy directly.
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Analytics dashboard

Visualize the medical policy coverage landscape and overall reimbursement progress with impressive interactive charts, graphs and analytics tools.
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Policy analysis

Quickly locate and review the changes insurance carriers make with proprietary features like the medical policy version comparison and analysis tool.
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Collaborative tools

Share reports with colleagues, download excel worksheets, or save analytics charts for use in the field or to provide informative coverage summaries.
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Sales integrations

Bridging the gap between sales and reimbursement efforts with tools designed to provide targeted coverage information by state or region.
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Customizable settings

Adjustable settings ensure that only relevant medical policies are being monitored and useful update notifications are received as needed.
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Enterprise solutions

Customized solutions on a per-project basis regardless of the volume of data or number of users. Contact us to see how we can support your enterprise needs.
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Enterprise features

Large-scale and client-focused enterprise business solutions.

API access

Integrate our software into an existing platform through Application Programming Interface (API) access protocols.
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EOB tracking

Input EOB submissions by state to display payment amounts by insurance carrier for quick reference in the field.
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Client branding

Client logos and branding can be incorporated into reports to provide a seamless delivery of integrated solutions.
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Custom reports

Create competitive analyses, coding comparisons, coverage criteria, historical review and other focused reports.
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User management

Easily control which users can access, view, or edit reports by setting their administrator privileges.
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Volume discounts

Significant discounts are provided to high-volume data monitoring programs. Track more policy and save.
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Reimbursement support

Experienced advisors available to support coverage initiatives

Reimbursement strategy

Assistance with commercialization and product launches, coding applications, medical policy coverage, and payment-related reimbursement services.
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Medical policy criteria

Deliver a clear and focused value proposition directly to insurance carriers by developing focused medical policy coverage criteria for use in medical policy language.
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Clinical evidence dossier

Present insurance carriers with an organized and comprehensive summary of published clinical trial outcomes and health economics data to support coverage.
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Case management support

Manage the complex claims submission and denial management process with our expert case management partners to increase patient access and approved claims.
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Medical director panels

Learn from the experts through advisory panels and direct interviews with current and former medical directors and other key stakeholders to address coverage obstacles.
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Specialty society collaboration

Coordination with major and specialty medical societies for inclusion in clinical guidelines, support coding initiatives, and leverage support from key opinion leaders.
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