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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Policy Alerts

Overview of Policy Alerts

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Policy Alerts.

Policy Alerts uses proprietary software to monitor insurance carrier medical policies and other important coverage-related information from Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid payers.

Instant alerts are provided by email when relevant medical policy updates take place. Policy Alerts keeps you informed of upcoming medical policy review dates, draft policy statements and comment periods, coding updates, committee meetings and events, Medicare coverage determinations and fee schedules, technology assessments, and other important insurance carrier changes that might impact reimbursement efforts.

Policy Alerts organizes medical policy coverage into a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard platform. Review payer coverage summaries with interactive charts and graphs. Easily visualize the coverage landscape and download useful executive reports. Policy Alerts provides payer-specific data and allows you to generate custom reports from the data Policy Alerts collects. Easily understand how and where products are covered, insured lives by payer, competitor coverage and other useful analytics to better understand reimbursement progress.

Typical customers include manufacturers of medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and pharmaceuticals. We also assist providers, distributors, medical societies, and even insurance companies. If you have a need to monitor medical policies, we can help!

Policy Alerts’ medical policy monitoring and alerts software continuously monitors Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid coverage information to keep you up-to-date on coverage changes in real-time. Policy Alerts’ software locates relevant Payer medical policies and coverage information from across the web. This software monitors that information for updates and changes while also searching for new medical policies and coverage information. Whenever changes occur, Policy Alerts immediately sends out an email notification containing a summary of what has changed.

Clients can access their medical policies and payer coverage summary on the interactive Policy Alerts dashboard. Never miss another important insurance carrier medical policy review or coverage decision update again!

Policy Alerts is constantly monitoring commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid insurance carriers for coverage information relevant to your product.

  • Active, Pending & Draft Medical Policies
  • Medicare LCAs, LCDs, NCAs, & NCDs
  • Medicare & Medicaid Fee Schedules
  • Provider Bulletins & Newsletters
  • Technology Assessments
  • CPT/HCPCS/ICD Coding Notices

Policy Alerts maintains a large database with hundreds of insurance carriers. Typical coverage reports include the top 100 Payers, but each project is customized based upon client need;

  • National commercial payers such as Aetna, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare and others.
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield carriers such as Anthem, Empire, Highmark, Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) and others
  • Medicare carriers (CMS) such as First Coast Service Options, Noridian, Novitas and others
  • Regional commercial payers such as Kaiser, Medical Mutual of Ohio, HealthPartners, and others
  • Specific payers can be added to our Dashboard.

Contact us for a complete list of Payers.

Policy Alerts is continuously monitoring insurance carriers and medical policies for changes. When changes occur, the online dashboard is updated and a medical policy alert is sent out as soon as changes have been detected. Policy Alerts can also be customized to send out weekly and monthly summary reports.

The Policy Alerts software generates useful reports and analytics from the medical policy and coverage information being monitored. Customers can access an interactive analytics dashboard that lets you quickly visualize the coverage landscape.

Dashboard analytics are organized  by payer categories and coverage status. Total insured lives for each indication are also calculated and displayed on informative charts and graphs.

Our software generates useful reports and analytics from the medical policy and coverage information being monitored. Customers can access an interactive coverage dashboard to quickly visualize the changing coverage landscape.

Dashboard analytics display by payer categories and coverage status. Total insured lives for each indication are also calculated and displayed on helpful charts and graphs.

With so much information available online, the task of searching, collecting, and organizing relevant information into useful reports is more time consuming than ever. Policy Alerts simplifies this process and maintains up-to-date information 24/7. This process would take an experienced research analyst several hours each day to do what our proprietary software can do in minutes.

Policy Alerts customizes reports so customers have the most relevant insights right in front of them when needed most. Our reports allow for a proactive rather than reactive approach to reimbursement.. Knowing when reviews and payer updates take place allows for customers to focus efforts in a timely and effective way.

Policy Alerts takes a client-focused hands-on approach and works hard to provide our customers with intelligence over raw data. Policy Alerts was developed by industry professionals who understand the frustrating and time-consuming task of collecting insurance carrier information. Rest assured that Policy Alerts will deliver results. We understand what clients need and are dedicated to making reports are  provided in a timely, accurate and intelligent way that can be used to implement and support a successful reimbursement strategy.

Subscriptions & pricing

Find answers to frequently asked questions about subscriptions and pricing.

Yes! Policy Alerts offers a free live demo of our Analysis Monitoring service with no obligation or payment information required.

Every person who accesses the Policy Alerts Dashboard should be registered as a user. Each of the subscription plans includes user access to the Dashboard. Additional users can be added for monthly fee.

  • Standard Monitoring & Alerts includes one (1) user
  • Analysis Monitoring & Alerts includes three (3) users
  • Enterprise Monitoring & Alerts includes five (5) users

No! Initial setup fees are waived for customers who sign up for 6-month or longer-term subscriptions. Annual discounts will be applied to pre-paid annual subscriptions.

Policy Alerts is a very cost-effective solution. We have several subscription Plans available depending on client needs. Price is structured on a per-policy per-month format. We are always available to discuss your needs and create a custom solution to support your reimbursement needs. We offer these primary subscription Plans;

  1. Standard Monitoring & Alerts
  2. Analysis Monitoring & Alerts
  3. Enterprise Monitoring & Alerts

We also offer individual comprehensive payer coverage landscape assessments if monthly monitoring isn’t necessary.

We accept checks, credit cards, Automated Clearing House (ACH), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), and wire transfers. Direct invoicing available for Enterprise customers.

Yes, can accommodate customers of all sizes! We understand the unique requirements of large organizations and can provide customized formatting, increased security, and API access. Tell us  your unique requirements and we will customize a solution to meet those needs.

Product support

Find answers to frequently asked questions about product support.

No! Policy Alerts is a user-friendly web-based platform. Update alerts and notifications are sent via email.

Our Dashboard is routinely tested on the latest versions of all web browsers to ensure functionality across platforms. For the best performance, we recommend access via Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,  or Safari. Although users may still access the Dashboard via Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera. If you experience an issue while accessing the Dashboard, please contact support.

Please contact support immediately via email, contact form, or phone.

Please click here to request your username.

Please click here to reset your password.

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