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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I try Policy Alerts before signing up?

Yes! Policy Alerts offers a live demo of our analysis monitoring service with no obligation to sign up for a paid subscription. We do not currently offer free trials.

Do I need to download anything?

No! Policy Alerts is a user-friendly web-based platform. Instant alerts and updates are sent via email and can be accessed on all devices and platforms.

Is there a minimum subscription?

No! Initial setup fees are waived for customers who sign up for 12-month or longer-term subscriptions. Annual discounts will be applied to pre-paid annual and multi-year subscriptions.

How many registered users are needed?

Any user who accesses the Policy Alerts dashboard or receives alerts will need to be registered with a separate username. Adding additional users to a subscription is easy.

What payments are accepted?

We invoice on the first of each month and accept Credit Cards, ACH, EFT, or wire transfers. Direct invoicing is available for annual subscriptions and enterprise monitoring customers.

Are there enterprise solutions?

Yes! Our enterprise solutions can accommodate tailored requirements, such as customized reports and client branding, API access, or large-volume monitoring.

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