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Get updates on medical policy changes faster with Policy Alerts

Actionable insights to support your reimbursement needs delivered daily to your inbox.

Update notifications delivered to your inbox

Alerts are sent via email immediately when changes are detected and include a detailed update summary. The summary will include the Payer name, policy title, review date, and the date the policy was posted. A description of the update and URL to the updated policy are also included.

Our alerts are categorized by the following 3 types; Reviews, Revisions, and Coverage Updates.

  • Policy Review: Formal policy committee review, typically performed on an annual basis.
  • Policy Revision: An administrative update relating to policy descriptions, coding, or formatting.
  • Coverage Update: Change in coverage position, typically from non-covered to covered.
Descriptive alerts designed to save you time

Never miss another medical policy update or coverage position change again. Receive update alerts daily, along with weekly and monthly summary reports of all reviews and updates.

Payer medical policy committee reviews and changes can occur out of schedule and often go unnoticed. While most Payers typically update medical policies on an annual review schedule, there are many reasons a Payer will change a policy out of cycle. Policy Alerts keeps you informed of both anticipated and unexpected changes affecting your product. Being able to quickly review the changes Payers make to their medical policies allows you to be proactive and better understand the Payer decisions impacting your business.

Policy Alerts takes a client-focused hands-on approach. We work hard to provide our customers with intelligence over raw data and understand what our clients need. We are dedicated to to providing timely, accurate, and intelligent insights that can be used to implement and support a successful reimbursement strategy.

Clients can easily access and review their Payer medical policies online. Our software automatically generates useful reports and analyses from the medical policy and coverage information being monitored. An interactive Payer coverage report is available on the Policy Alerts Payer Policies Coverage Dashboard. Let Policy Alerts perform the complex and time-consuming task of monitoring your product’s medical policies and free up your team’s resources to focus on a successful product launch and reimbursement strategy.

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