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Collaborative tools

Export coverage reports into spreadsheets or import analytics into presentations with collaborative tools.

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Collaborative Tools
Sales Integrations

Improve how coverage information is shared

Easily download and share medical policy and coverage information with the entire team.
User-friendly reports designed to integrate sales with reimbursement efforts.
Quickly find and share segments of data with regional sales reps or team members.

Work together

Turning raw data into valuable insights to be used by the entire team.


Export coverage reports into excel worksheets

Export coverage reports into excel spreadsheets with a single click.
Provide focused data sets to territory managers and regional sales reps.
Combine data with other worksheets to create informative internal reports.


Import analytics into impressive presentations

Import analytics and coverage graphics into PowerPoint presentations with ease.
Quickly create informative slides with accurate and up-to-date charts and graphs.
Keep leadership informed with quarterly reports and significant coverage changes.


Convert formatted content into PDF files

Download dashboard content into PDF documents to easily share coverage information with anyone.
No need to copy and paste content into other programs or documents.
Print to PDF content can be edited and used within other applications.

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